#KekeLifestyle: 8 Ways You Should Never Break Up With Someone You Love


The end of a relationship is always sour for a lot of reasons and one reason that sits at the top of most is the way and manner in which the relationship was called off. As such, instead of looking for the best way to call off a relationship (there isn’t really any better way), it’s best to find know what ways you shouldn’t put an end to a relationship.

Here are 8 of the worst possible ways to put an end to a relationship.

The “It’s not you, it’s me” line
Probably the most cliché and overplayed line, very few people would appreciate this old and recycled excuse when they are about to be dumped by you. If you’re sure you’re the problem, it’s best you explain the exact thing about your partner that doesn’t gel well with your kind of person.

You most likely won’t go very far by telling them the kind of horrible person you are and how much you need to work on yourself in an attempt to deflect from the talk at hand. They will most likely respect you more if you are honest with them.

Getting Caught In An Untoward Act
Allowing your partner catch you cheating is one of the fastest way to get them to break up with you but it speaks volumes about your reputation. If your plan is to make them come up with a reason to leave you, you may end up having your plan blow up in your face if they choose to tow the retaliation path.

While Tipsy or Drunk
Quite a number of men go this way as having a few too many drinks might give them the guts to break the news of wanting to break up. This will be disrespectful to your partner because alcohol gives momentary courage at that point in time and you may likely regret the deed later on.

Chances are your partner may not even take you seriously and insisting on talking about it at a later time because they feel your state of mind is altered. It’s best to be sober and have a clear mind as you convey your points in a mature and respectable manner.

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Through Writing
Either through texting, E-mails, BlackBerry Messenger or other messaging applications, breaking up in such an informal way is immature and heartless. It’s best to do it in person as this will likely pass you off as someone with integrity while also saving you from embarrassment.

Picking A Fight
This is one of the most disrespectful ways to quit a relationship. Starting a fight as an excuse to quit a relationship will only get your partner to resent you especially if they end up finding out that you manipulated them by blowing a small issue out of proportion as a means of putting an end to the relationship.

During A Romantic Evening
Breaking up with a partner during a romantic night out will likely cause shock and confusion. The time out does not necessarily mean they will be able to handle the news better as that night will hold negative memories for a long time.

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Not Being Straightforward
Beating around the bush while trying to tell her you want a breakup will only make your partner more confused. Even though it’s important not to be blunt so as not to appear like someone without emotions, it is still important not to beat around the bush. If you’re not sure about the right time to tell your partner you’re breaking up with them, they may be shocked and dumbfounded to find out through a friend or on social media.

Getting A Friend To Do It
This one only confirms your legendary status as an uncaring asshole. It also shows how much of a coward you are since you could not even grant your partner the courtesy of breaking up with them while staring into their eyes.

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