The Situation: Prison Was Like 'The Worst Shore House' I've Ever Stayed In


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GTL: Prison Edition. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s prison stint included attempting to smuggle chicken, playing softball with Billy McFarland and watching new episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation from behind bars.

The 37-year-old MTV star spoke candidly about his time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York, on the Thursday, October 10, episode of his costar Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s podcast, “It’s Happening Wth Snooki & Joey.”

“I feel fantastic. I lost 40 pounds in this process. I’m reunited with my beautiful wife,” Mike told Polizzi and her cohost, Joey Camasta, referring to Lauren Sorrentino, who joined him on the podcast. “Working on the No. 1 TV show on MTV! I’m grateful and taking advantage of every moment, every conversation, every meal and just living my best life.”

While Mike revealed that the prison had a “high school” vibe with cliques, people “left him alone.”

“They really loved me,” he added. “I lucked out.”

Us Weekly confirmed on September 12 that Mike completed his eight-month sentence for fraud and was subsequently released.

“When I first got home, all I wanted to do was spend time with my beautiful wife, I wanted to have a naked pizza party. … I wanted to watch movies. I wanted to watch Avengers, I wanted to watch Game of Thrones,” Mike said. “I had to catch up on all that TV. I wanted to snuggle with my dogs. Then the producers of MTV were like, ‘We need to get you in there ASAP.’”

In the end, Mike joined Polizzi and their castmates to film a reunion scene the day after he was released.

“I pretty much took the ball and started to run with it immediately. I started working the day I came out. I saw you guys the next day,” he explained. “I moved in a couple of days later. I wasn’t mentally ready but at the same time it’s my job. It’s time to man up, rise to the occasion. Get that money! I missed out on eight months. I wasn’t doing projects for eight months. … I missed out on a lot of money.”

Scroll through for five revelations about Mike’s time in prison:

On Watching ‘Jersey Shore’ in Jail

“I was blessed to shoot a lot of TV before I went into prison. So while I was in prison, I was on TV every Thursday with a smile on my face, like, ‘Oh, look, there’s my wedding,’” Mike explained. “There were a number of TVs there. … You had to get permission from some of the guys that had been in there for years and years and years and be like, ‘Listen, can I watch the TV show that I’m on tonight on Thursday night?’”


Mike added that some inmates — and prison employees — would tell him they were fans of the series.


“It was really good when someone that worked up there would come up and say, ‘You’re such an inspiration. Me and my wife are rooting for you,’” he explained. “In my brain it was, like, difficult because I’m, like, in prison.”


Courtesy Lauren Sorrentino/Instagram

On Life at Federal Prison Camp

Mike claimed that inmates would order food and have it delivered to the nearby woods because the camp is not fenced in.


“People would constantly try to smuggle stuff in,” he said, noting he is planning to write a “tell-all” book about his experience.


“The conditions are not the best,” he explained. “It’s like us going to the worst shore house we’ve ever been in and staying for eight months.”


Courtesy Lauren Sorrentino/Instagram

On GTL in Prison

In addition to keeping up with his workouts, the reality TV personality found someone named Elvis to do his laundry.


“He was like the guy in the prison that you went to if you wanted done, like, fire,” Mike said. “It was, like, a luxury.”


In addition to working out twice a day, he was able to “tan outside.” 


In the days following his release, Mike made self-care a priority. “I went to my real barber, I got a manicure-pedicure, I got a vampire facial,” he explained. “I got an eyebrow wax, I got a nose wax.”

Courtesy Mike Sorrentino/Instagram

On His Relationships With Billy McFarland and Michael Cohen

Mike hasn’t watched Netflix’s Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened or Hulu’s Fyre Fraud, but he confirmed that he saw McFarland, who was sentenced to six years in prison for wire fraud in the Fyre Festival case, in “passing” more than once.


“He was very quiet, he was reserved. … He wasn’t in my group of friends. I played against him in basketball and softball, maybe, but then he was thrown out of the prison for smuggling in a recording device and trying to record the high-profile inmates,” Mike claimed. (Reports surfaced last month that McFarland was transferred to a more secure facility after guards discovered he had a recording device.)


Cohen, who was sentenced to three years in prison for tax, bank and campaign finance crimes, meanwhile, spoke to Mike on the disgraced lawyer’s first day at the camp.


“He was a bit nervous,” Mike alleged about Cohen. “I was there for like three, four months, and I was like, ‘Listen, bro, I’m going to need to you to do something for me. … I’m going to need you you to smuggle chicken from the main line and give it to me, I’m going to hide it in my locker, so I can have an extra serving after my workout.’”


In the end, Mike never got his extra piece of chicken from Cohen. The MTV star, did, however become friends with the people who worked in the kitchen prison.  


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On Fighting With Lauren on the Way to Prison

The couple got into a fight en route to prison over when to go live on Instagram because they didn’t want to tip off the photographers outside their house.


“He and I, like, don’t fight. So we have this, like, huge argument about going live on IG in the car with our publicist, our YouTube videographer, on the way to prison,” Lauren admitted.


Once the twosome hit the Garden State Parkway, they went live.


“He was looking out the window like a sad puppy and everyone thought he was,  like,  devastated and scared to go to prison, but no, he was pissed at me!” Lauren explained.


Mike added, “The first fight we got into in like a year, it was crazy.”


Courtesy Mike Sorrentino/Instagram


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