Potty Training Problems! Kristen Bell and More Celebs' Candid Confessions


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Keeping it candid! Kristen Bell, Kristin Cavallari and more celebrity parents have dared to go into detail on their potty training methods.

The Good Place alum and her husband, Dax Shepard, had an easy time getting their eldest daughter, Lincoln, out of diapers, the actress admitted in a May 2020 Momsplaining With Kristen Bell episode.

“My oldest daughter at 21 months, we merely suggested that she us the toilet in the other room and [she] never wore another diaper beyond that,” the Frozen star explained to Maya Rudolph and Casey Wilson at the time. “We were lying in bed giggling about this, my husband and I, like, ‘Why does everyone make a big deal out of this potty training? It’s so easy. Just tell the kid to use the toilet.’”

The Michigan native went on to say, “Currently, my youngest is 5 and a half, still in diapers.”

As for Cavallari, the Hills alum joked to Us Weekly exclusively about the “really glamorous” way she’s potty training her youngest son, Jaxon, in March 2016.

“We’re in the middle of potty training Jaxon right now,” the Balancing in Heels author shared at the time. “This morning … he’s naked and he goes, ‘My tummy hurts, my tummy hurts,’ So I put him on the potty, and he’s wanting me to hold him. I’m like hugging him on his little potty while he’s pooping.”

The Laguna Beach alum isn’t afraid to use bribery to help her son, she wrote in a MomTastic blog post the previous month.

“In addition to giving Jaxon treats for going to the potty, we reward Camden when he helps his little brother,” the Very Cavallari alum wrote at the time. “So Camden is like, ‘Listen Jaxon, you’re going to the bathroom!’ Cam has my sweet tooth, so he’s very motivated to get Jaxon on his toilet.”

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Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

The actress tweeted a photo of her son, Jack, standing in a puddle in September 2015, joking, “Potty training is going so great! I’m a natural!” Her then-husband replied, “Those are swim shorts. Put him in the pool and that’s perfectly acceptable behavior. I’m proud of both of you.”


Alyson Hannigan

The How I Met Your Mother alum was trying to get her eldest daughter, Satyana, to use an automatic toilet at the grocery store when the little one “peed all over both” of them. Hannigan told The Bump in 2017: “I was standing there staring at this potty, soaking wet!”

Courtesy Alyson Hannigan/Instagram

Kristen Bell

The actress went on to tweet, “My daughter doesn’t wear diapers during the day, just at night cuz her tiny bladder isn’t up for the 10 hr challenge yet.”

Mike Smith/NBC

Mayim Bialik

“Before he could crawl, walk, or talk, he signed reliably when he had to use the potty,” the Big Bang Theory alum told Today in August 2011. “By 12 months of age, he stopped peeing in his cloth diaper. By 17 months he was wearing tiny underwear and, now almost 6, he has no conscious memory of ever pooping in a diaper or of wearing diapers at all.”


Rebecca Romijn

The actress told The Talk cohosts: “I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be doing, which is bribing [twins Dolly and Charlie] with M&M’s. But it’s do or die at this point! I’m like, ‘If you go pee pee on the potty, you get an M&M,’ and they keep going, ‘On a plate?’ So every time they go I get the biggest plate I can find [and] put one M&M in the middle of it.”

Courtesy Rebecca Romijn/Instagram

Melissa Joan Hart

“I did end up cutting a hole in Mason’s diaper to try to get him to go No. 2 on the potty, and when it fell out of his diaper, he ran around the bathroom, yelling and stepping in it,” the Sabrina the Teenage Witch alum told Parent Dish. “It was traumatic, but it worked.”


Reese Witherspoon

“Today we’re winning. Yesterday we weren’t,” the Big Little Lies alum told Entertainment Tonight of potty training her son Tennessee in 2015.

Courtesy Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

Jamie Otis

When a troll criticized the Married at First Sight alum’s potty training methods in September 2019 via Instagram, she replied, “She doesn’t pee all over the house. [Pull Ups are for when she dribbles before she gets to the potty #stopmommyshaming.”

Courtesy of Doug Hehner/Instagram

Serena Williams

“She’s working on it, and she just pulled her own pants up, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is so great,’” the professional tennis player gushed of daughter Olympia to POPSUGAR in April 2019. “She wasn’t doing that even a week ago.”

Courtesy Serena Williams/Instagram

Jessa Duggar

While potty training her eldest son, Spurgeon, the Counting On star wrote via Instagram: “We’re setting the 10-15 minute timer and trying every time it goes off. We have Nerds for prizes — one for trying, two for pee, four for poo. (Love that they’re tiny, so not a sugar overload). Started this morning, but so far, we’ve had three accidents and nothing in the potty. Maybe I’m not having him sit and try long enough?”

Courtesy Duggar Family Official/Facebook

Busy Philipps

Similar to Bell, the Freaks and Geeks alum told MomTrends in July 2017: “My older daughter was so easy — she wore Pull Ups, and I don’t even think we finished a full package. She was so ready to do it, and early — she was about 2 and half. I felt very smug about things, and then my second came along!”

Courtesy Busy Philipps/Instagram

Kristin Cavallari

“When we were potty training Camden, Jay [Cutler] would take him to the bathroom and go in front of him,” the Colorado native wrote in her blog post. “It definitely got Camden interested in using the potty. But full disclaimer: Camden knew how to pee in a bush or on the grass before he knew how to pee in the toilet! That’s really what Jay taught him how to do. People would be over in the backyard and Camden would just pull his pants down and start peeing in the grass. The only thing I could do was laugh. Baby steps, right?”

Courtesy Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

Hilary Duff

The Younger star told Babble: “My son potty trained really easily. I was so lucky. I didn’t push it. I just waited until he started to show an interest in it and kind of told him that his older cooler cousins are all potty trained. And it worked! He’s been a really easy kid so far.”

Courtesy Hilary Duff/Instagram

Jaime King

The model was “totally nervous” about potty training her sons, she told The Fab Mom in June 2016.

Courtesy Jaime King/Instagram


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