Jaime King Alleges Abuse and More in Kyle Newman Restraining Order


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Getting messy. Jaime King outlined a number of alleged incidents of emotional abuse in her request for a restraining order from estranged husband Kyle Newman.

The 41-year-old actress was granted a temporary restraining order against the 44-year-old filmmaker shortly after filing for divorce on Monday, May 18. In new documents obtained by Us Weekly, the Hart of Dixie alum claimed that Newman had a history of being aggressive and emotionally manipulative toward her and that he was attempting to keep an eye on her whereabouts despite not being in the same state.

A source told Us on Friday, May 22, that Newman had left Los Angeles before splitting from King and that their sons, James, 6, and Leo, 4, were with him. “Kyle went to Pennsylvania where his family is with his kids when the pandemic began and has been parenting by himself throughout the pandemic,” the insider explained. “He took them there to get them out of the hotspot that was L.A. and so that they could be close to his family.”

In the documents associated with her restraining order, King alleged that Newman has refused to let their children communicate with her while staying in Pennsylvania and won’t bring them back to Los Angeles. “He said that he would return the boys if I fired my lawyer and sent him proof that I did,” King wrote in her testimony. “I provided ‘proof,’ but [he] still refused to return to Los Angeles and bring back our boys.”

Along with requesting that Newman remain 100 yards away from her at all times, King asked the court for additional protection for their children. She also requested a move-out order be put in effect and declared sole possession of their dogs, Peter and Wendy, that she had cared for before marriage.

The former couple tied the knot in November 2007 after meeting on the set of Fanboys two years earlier. The filmmaker responded in a statement one day after learning about his estranged wife’s claims and legal action.

“Kyle was deeply saddened by Jaime’s attempt to obtain court orders based solely on false claims without providing him any opportunity to respond,” a spokesperson for Newman told Us on Tuesday, May 19. “Kyle wants nothing but the best for his whole family and hopes that Jaime can find the peace and help she needs.”

Scroll down to learn more claims made in King’s restraining order request.

King Wants Protection for Her 2 Sons

Along with a restraining order for her own protection, King wants her estranged husband to stay away from their children. She also asked that they be returned to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania immediately after seeking “sole legal and physical custody.”


‘Systematic’ Isolation

The House Bunny actress alleged that Newman has “systematically isolated” her throughout their marriage. “I have learned that he would call people I was becoming close with and tell them that I was crazy, popping pills, and that my agents and managers were dropping me,” King wrote. “None of this was true. … [He] would often lie to me about his conversations with other people so that I would be controlled.”


Surveillance and Stalking

After Newman left for Pennsylvania, King worried that he was “electronically surveilling” her from across the country. Her home security team allegedly found “cameras and at least one recording device” that were installed without her knowledge. She admitted to feeling “incredibly afraid” of Newman “and what he will do in retaliation” to her filings.


Safe Distance

According to the documents, King wants Newman to remain at least 100 yards from her home, workplace and vehicle at all times. She also asked the court to make sure Newman does not “harass, attack, strike, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), hit, follow” her or her sons, or try to contact them “either directly or indirectly, in any way.”


Property Control

The actress asked for sole “temporary use, possession, and control” of her vehicle so that her estranged husband “cannot track my movements through the internal tracking system.” She also requested “exclusive use of all home security systems and surveillance systems.”


‘Repeated Abuse’

King claimed that she has “experienced repeated abuse” from Newman since the birth of their oldest son in 2013. Over the years, King alleged that she has been “electronically surveilled,” recorded without her permission and “isolated” from friends and colleagues. She also claimed that Newman showed up at her friends’ homes on multiple occasions “screaming and harassing” her and later chased her in his car.


‘Emotional Manipulation’

“While outwardly I am a strong, working actress and producer, behind closed doors I was beaten down,” King wrote in the documents. “I have suffered the most confusing trauma-filled experiences involving emotional manipulation and gaslighting … He has systematically made me feel inadequate, insecure, unsafe and traumatized.”


Withdrawn Funds

Before he left for Pennsylvania, King claimed that Newman “went to our bank and removed hundreds of thousands of dollars” of money she had saved before they got married. She added that the pair’s home safe — which held artwork, comic book collectibles, and other valuable items — was nearly empty.


Staged an Intervention

King claimed that her estranged husband “staged a fake intervention” earlier this year in order to “force” her into a rehab program. Newman had allegedly called a number of her friends and colleagues and told them that she was struggling with substance abuse and alcoholism. “I do not have an alcohol or substance abuse problem now nor did I at that time,” she stated.


Domestic Violence Claims

King admitted to “repeatedly” feeling the need to leave their home in the fall of 2019 because she “felt unsafe” around Newman. She later detailed a number of different occasions of her estranged husband’s alleged “aggressive” and “emotionally abusive” behavior.


Withholding Their Children

King alleged that Newman has not allowed her to be in contact with their sons while they stay with him in Pennsylvania. She also admitted to fearing for her children’s health and safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.



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