Audrina Patridge Looks Incredible in Her South Beach Diet Bikini Debut


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Audrina Patridge is South Beach Diet’s newest ambassador — and as you can see from the shots we can show you exclusively of her bikini debut, her body has never looked fitter or better! The Hills: New Beginnings star sat down with Us Weekly in Venice, California, in July to explain why she partnered with the program and the changes it’s brought to her life.

“I love the lifestyle to begin with for South Beach,” Patridge tells Us. “It all starts from within. Living a healthy lifestyle, what you put in your body, really does affect you in every way.” So the Prey Swim designer shares that she was excited to partner with the high-protein, low-carb meal plan, which also counts a super-toned Jessie James Decker and the Bachelor’s Ashley Iaconetti as celebrity spokespeople: “I actually really do love all their food and it’s perfect for being a mom on the go and [for] easy, quick, delicious meals.”

Indeed, as mom to 3-year-old daughter Kirra (whom she co-parents with her ex-husband, BMX biker Corey Bohan), Patridge is extra careful to display good nutrition and wellness habits. “It’s so important to set the standards for your daughter, your children, because you need to teach them at a young age how to be healthy,” she says. “You need to eat healthy. And eating healthy doesn’t mean you can only eat salads. It’s eating whatever you want in moderation and … just satisfying your taste buds.” Adds the toned reality star, “If you’re craving chocolate, eat a little piece of chocolate — you don’t have to eat the whole thing. So for Kirra, I try to teach her about fruits and veggies and cooking and exercising.”

Patridge works out “two to three days a week,” preferably in the morning, she says. “It’s funny because my daughter usually works out with me. I do stuff in the living room, like little workout videos. Or I’ll go to this place near my house and she’ll go with me and do squats and stuff.”

While Patridge often goes to the gym or gets outside for her sweat sessions, she also swears by at-home workouts. “Brooke Burke has an app that I love,” she says. “I’ll just follow her app or the Tone It Up girls … those are my go-tos.” Another favorite activity: a class called Lightning Fit. “I don’t really know how to explain it but it’s amazing. It’s a 25-minute workout that’s equal to [90 minutes] in the gym,” Patridge tells Us. “So that’s another great mom-on-the-go workout.”

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When She Feels Sexiest

“I feel most confident and sexy usually after a day at the beach — whenever I have that sun-kissed light glow and I don’t have a ton of makeup on,” Patridge tells Us.

South Beach Diet

Getting a Tight Butt and Legs

When she’s working out, the MTV star likes to focus on one particular area of her body. “My booty!” she says. “I’ve never really had much of a butt, I’m not a booty girl. I’ve never had to worry about my stomach really. So for me it’s arms and legs and butt.”

South Beach Diet

Her Daily Diet

“If I’m on the go and I have a busy day, I wake up, I usually put something in the microwave from South Beach Diet, grab a bunch of snacks for the rest of the day, grab snacks for Kirra and we’re good to go,” says the actress. 

South Beach Diet

Audrina’s Beach-Body Must-Have

Never underestimate the power of a good fake tan. “If you want to be bikini ready, you need to work out and need to eat healthy, but also a good spray tan makes everything great,” says Patridge. “You just get a spray tan and it makes the bikini — you feel more confident and almost like all your imperfections are covered.”

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Dressing for Her Body

“My style changes based on my moods all the time,” she says. “If I’m feeling sexy and confident, in shape and at my best, I usually wear a cute tight dress or a crop top with a skirt or something that’s a little more revealing.”

South Beach Diet

Finding Emotional Balance

The reality star swears by the wellness and meditation app Calm. “Life can be very stressful, especially on The Hills,” she tells Us. “I’ve had to learn how to calm my thoughts and put myself in check throughout the day — or if … I get anxiety, [I say], ‘OK, Audrina, check yourself.’”

South Beach Diet

Her Workout Routine

“If I don’t have time to exercise in the morning, I usually do it at night or in the afternoon, whether we go on a walk with our dog,” she says. “You just need to do something every day that’s active to get your blood pumping, your muscles working.”

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