#KekeFashion: 5 Fashion Trends That Is Gradually Taking Over 2016


Fashion is essentially the most popular mode of expression. It describes the ever-changing style of clothes worn and as we all know trends vary greatly over time and place.

Fashion in the 1960’s cannot be compared with fashion in 2016 and will not also be compared with trends n the nearest future, even though some trends keep coming back into existence, it’s never the same.

It’s all about the next big-thing and today we have put together 5 fashion trends that have gradually taken over the scene in 2016, see them below;


This trend is sophisticated if properly put together.  Designers have taken a strong hold of the bell-sleeve silhouette and they are not letting go anytime soon. Some of our favorite stars from

tracy nwapa

bell sleeves


This is not a new trend per se but it doesn’t look like an old one either. We are still rocking our flared pants even in this new season.

flared denim2

flared denim


There was a time when your bag had to be very bulky to be stylish, and now is the time for your bag not to go unnoticeable. The good thing about this trend is You’ll be on-trend while feeling ten pounds lighter.




Nearly every designer sent at least one version down the runway this season, so we expect the fashion enthusiasts to quickly take on this trend. Exposed shoulders give this warmer feel to your look.


shoulder cut-outs1


The wrap dress seems to be an old trend that keeps coming back almost every year and this year it’s back again on the fashion scene and we are not complaining. It’s the perfect balance of romantic and cutting-edge.

wrap dress1

wrap dress2




Images: dailymail.co.uk, glamour.com, csmstyle.com, marieclaire.com, stylepantry.com

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