#KekeArticle: My Thursday Truth: Journey To My Higher Self


There is no price tag on peace of mind. – Dr Dre

He said “‘you’ve been the hardest chick for me to get in my life’, I smiled and penned the words”. Boys!

It is hard to be in a country where you’ve transcended lots of things mentally but you’re still being ‘put in a box’ JUST FOR BEING NIGERIAN. I’m a combination of spiritual weirdness emanating a force that only the wise can decipher. I’m really a vibe you can’t find anywhere else.


Being happy is the most important thing in life and I ALWAYS AM. Even when I have a bad day I know WHO I think of and I love Him. He makes me happy. Meanwhile, these words relate with me in so many ways as I hope it would you.

Sometimes strong women are also put in a box, but we’re just misunderstood and have transcended the mediocre. I believe in peace of mind. There is no price tag for a happy and content spirit and whatever is getting in the way of one’s happiness should be cut off, let go, dumped.


I like things done the easy way. I think life is easy but we have all been programmed to believe it is hard. I don’t like complications but Nigerians are a complicated lot. They seem to think you have to struggle and suffer for everything. I do not believe in the word hustle, struggle or survive; maybe that’s why I’ve never hustled, struggled or just survived.

I am of the opinion we are on this earth to do our best (with a sincere heart), love and respect everyone we meet in life and focus on our higher self. I can’t focus on my higher self which deals with happiness and optimism and still deal with the negativity of hustling, struggling and surviving.

Truth is, most people are so paranoid, they don’t even know sincerity when it stares them in the face.


You are here to live an amazing life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or any situation make you think otherwise either. Happiness isn’t measured in wealth, it’s measured in peace of mind. You’ll die one day, don’t kill yourself fast.

Here are words that light my life up, hope it inspires you to find your higher self and drop the mediocre mentality of struggling, hustling and just surviving.

Do this exercise. Try and channel only positive energy through your life today, it would be hard. Trust me, Nigeria makes everything harder than normal but it’s doable. If you can master the art of never letting a person, people or situation(s) to affect your mood, you can achieve ANYTHING. Be great, don’t be mediocre.

Share your thoughts on your journey to your higher self.












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