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Just as I promised, I’m back with episode 17.

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“Please explain to me how this makes sense” Ola was puzzled at her decision to inform Shahid of the abortion she had just had without his permission and even though she knew she would not agree, the explanation made a lot of sense to her.

“I did not want to have the child”

“He did not even know you were pregnant for him, now you are going to tell him you aborted a pregnancy he did not even know was there? Oyin, are you alright?” the look of incredulity on Ola’s face mirrored her disbelief at how stupid she thought Oyin was.

“Trust me, he needs to know that I could not have the baby”

“He should have known about the baby in the first place is all I am saying! How do you inform him of something you already put a permanent solution to?”

Oyin shrugged, she played with the untouched drink in front of her in the Hospital canteen. She was glad it was still early in the morning and the canteen was empty save for the two of them. It allowed them enough time and space to discuss everything they wanted to before Ola’s Doctor was ready for her.

“I don’t think you should tell him sha. It does not make sense”

“Nothing makes sense right now” Oyin retorted and slowly, the anger that she had pushed away for weeks was threatening to make a comeback. “Nothing”

Ola looked concerned as she reached for her friend’s hands, “Oyin, what is wrong with you? You are not yourself and believe me, it is very obvious. So don’t even deny it”

Tears had already gathered in her eyes and were now threatening to spill over, “I don’t know what the problem is. Sometimes I think I do, other times I just don’t.” she looked at Ola now, “But I know there is a problem”

Ola handed her a tissue to clean her face, “I’m sorry dear”

She wiped her face gently, careful not to ruin her mascara. That morning, she had taken time to apply her makeup and had chosen a new dress she purchased online for her outfit of the day.

She had not done it because she wanted to feel pretty, she had done it because she needed to be distracted from her current predicament.

“Have you spoken to Segun?”

“I don’t want to”

“This must be really bad if Segun is not even an option”

“I think it has to do with the Kolapo thing… this thing I’m feeling”

Ola frowned, “You’re feeling this way because of the Kolapo incident?”

Oyin nodded, her hot beverage suddenly seemed appealing to her. She grabbed the mug and sipped the hot tea inside. “Yes”

“Didn’t that happen weeks ago? Why are you still dwelling on it?”

“I’m not dwelling on it” Oyin wanted to explain that the situation was responsible for how she now felt about almost everything in her personal life but she knew better than to tow that line of conversation with the look on Ola’s face.

“Please don’t be funny. So because of that small situation you will pause your life forever?” she looked disappointed that Oyin brought up the matter.

Managing a smile, Oyin said to her “Don’t worry, I will forget it”

And that was why she had severed communication with everyone around her; because they would not get it. For Ola, that situation was worth leaving in the past and not dwelling on because it was minor but if only she knew that the effect it had on her was major.

She stood, dug her hands into the pockets of her ward coat. “I need to go now”

Ola stood slowly, holding her chair for support. Oyin’s eyes reflexively fell to her huge baby bump, she was due any moment. “Pele. How are you feeling these days?”

Ola shook her head, “I can’t wait for him to come out jare. The contractions ehn…”

Oyin smiled, “Don’t worry, soon”

As they both made out of the canteen, she sent a quick text to Shahid and asked for him to pick her up after work later that day.

She knew it was probably the last she would see of him after she told him of what she had done but at the same time, she knew she had to let it out.


Segun fought the urge to dial her number for the third time that morning.

He had received Ola’s message about checking up on her and like in the weeks before, he had been worried sick and had tried to reach out. But just like the many times he had tried to get in touch, he had refused to succumb to the urge to do so.

If she could easily shut him out like the rest of the world, then why did he have to make the extra effort to reach her?

He had tried several times in the first week when she shut them all out and she had treated him like a complete stranger, hurting his feelings and causing him to ask himself what he had done wrong.

But as time went by, he had gotten so mad at her, he had actually been able to overcome the urge to call or send her a message.

However, Ola’s message that morning was threatening to make him do what he had sworn not to do; go to the Hospital to actually see her in person.

“Hey” Vanessa leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Hey babe” he smiled at her and winked.

“You know, I kinda like us like this.” She threw her arms around his neck now, a happy smile on her face. “We should keep it like this forever”

He smiled at her and kissed her on the lips. After Oyin had shut him out, he had found himself been drawn closer to Vanessa every single day. She had become a different person somehow, someone he was not worried about being with anymore.

And for the first time in a very long time, he actually entertained the possibility of something strong and solid happening between the two of them.

“Yes madam” she helped him with his tie; her hands deftly knotting it while she spoke to him

“Should I make dinner?”

“I would be seeing Oyin today after work”


“Yeah, I need to check on her. It has been a while”

“My regards to her”

He kissed her on the forehead and grabbed his Blazer which was hanging on the chair closest to them.

“Try not to miss me” She said to him with a wide smile as he made it out of the door. But as soon as he was gone, the smile disappeared. She did not want him seeing Oyin at all.

In the weeks the B!tch had been away from all their lives she had been able to put her perfect picture in place without hassles, a simple meeting with her could however potentially destroy the whole thing.

She grabbed her phone and toyed with the idea of calling Kolapo but she tossed the thing when she realized how futile that would be.

Kolapo and the B!tch had not dated for weeks now, what would it matter if she called that one and told him about the impending meeting between her man and the skank?

As she made her way to the Kitchen, she told herself that everything was going to be fine and a meeting between Segun and that little ho was just what it was going to be; a meeting.


Shahid told himself that what she just told him did not hurt, that it did not matter because it was what she wanted and what she seemingly needed to feel better but he knew damn well that he was lying to himself.

He was hurt, he was angry and he had been through enough with her.

“You’re just a selfish woman you know” he began to say, his eyes fixed on her, refusing to look away even though he was very aware of how uncomfortable he made her feel. “You would not marry me, would not return my ring and now, would not have my child”

“I’m sorry”

“About which one?” he asked, then gave her a few seconds to answer but when it was certain the response was not coming, he continued, “You don’t want to have anything to do with me so why are you here? Why do you keep using me?”

“Shahid, babe…”

He laughed, “Babe? Did you just hear what you called me? Babe? How am I babe when you would not even tell me my life was growing inside of you? You removed my child and now I am babe?”

“I’m sorry”

“How can you even come here and tell me after what you did? Don’t you have a heart? Did that guy Fvck you up so much you feel nothing no more?”

“I’m sorry, Shahid. Please understand…”

“Get out”

Stunned, she asked, “What?”

“Get out of my house and don’t ever come back. I am tired of understanding and being used. I’m in love with you and I either get the whole of you or none of you”

She stood, her legs wobbly but still determined to make it out of the door and out of his house.

She could see that he was hurting and she could see that he was emotionally strained, thanks to everything she had put him through in the past weeks.

She walked over to him, kissed him hard on his forehead and headed for the door.

Then, she suddenly stopped, turned around and dropped his ring on the coffee table.

“Goodbye Shahid”

Her hand was on the door when she heard him say, “Wait”. She looked back and faced him, knowing that deep down he wanted things to happen differently between them but knowing that she could not afford to be with him or anyone else at the moment.

She needed to find her own healing first.

So she smiled sadly, opened the door and shut it behind her.


He was pounding her hard, ramming into her from behind like he usually did whenever he came over on his way home.

As usual, she was holding the sofa for support while she moaned as he thrust in and out of her fast and hard.

Somehow, she liked this position with him than with anyone else. It was a sharp contrast of the man he seemed like on the outside and he did it so well, she never wanted to have him inside her any other way.

With a hand reaching for her left Brea5t, he squeezed tightly as he went faster and then stilled, emptying himself inside of her.

He collapsed on her, breathing heavily before he pulled himself out and headed for the bathroom. She adjusted her skirt and wore her panties after he was gone and then settled into the sofa trying to catch her breath.

He was out in seconds, a Pee stick in his hand. “You’re pregnant?” he asked in utter shock

She nodded, reaching for the bottle of water in front of her.

“Since when?”

“I found out this morning. He does not know yet actually”

He gasped at the casual manner with which she confirmed the news of the child within her.

“Why do you have that look on your face?” she asked him with a surprised smile

“Because you are pregnant and you did not mention?”

She giggled, “Would it have stopped you?”

Again, Kolapo gasped, “Are you kidding? Why would I want to have S3x with you while you’re carrying another man’s child?” a man he could not stand by the way!

“Who said it was his?”

His knees went weak, “Vanessa what are you saying?”

Then she threw her head back and laughed, “Relax Kolapo, I was just joking”

He marched to where she was sitting, “Vanessa are you pregnant for me or for Segun? Who is responsible for the child because I remember not wearing protection too many times!”

“It’s Segun’s baby” she said and he arched an eyebrow, “I’m serious” she insisted

But he knew he did not believe her. He certainly did not.

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