The 4 Celeb-Approved Diets That Are Sweeping Hollywood Now

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Whether you have weight-loss goals, want to drop fat or are just trying to get healthier, look no further than celebrities for diet success stories.

Fit stars like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Kristin Cavallari, Jennifer Garner and Emmy Rossum know how to lose weight fast when they have to — and how to maintain their health and size the rest of the time. Yes, they work out, but the real key to success in dropping pounds is following the right nutrition plan.

Us rounded up the diets, eating regimens and food lifestyles, including keto, 80/20 and intermittent fasting, that are sweeping Hollywood. Scroll through to see what methods have worked for which stars — and get the tips and advice you need to reach your weight and health goals!

The 4 Celeb-Approved Diets That Are Sweeping Hollywood Now

The numbers 80/20 represent as much a lifestyle as a diet. It simply means that people who say they follow the method — including Kristin Cavallari, Olivia Munn, Kelly Rowland, Miranda Kerr and Jillian Michaels — focus on eating well 80 percent of the time, and allow themselves to eat as they wish the rest of the time. As Cavallari told Us in November 2018, “Eighty percent of the time I’m eating really healthy. For me, that means for the most part being gluten-free, trying to stay away from white sugar, white flour and white salt.” The star, who admits she also avoids overdoing it with alcohol, explains that during the other 20 percent of the time, “I indulge. I eat whatever I want, enjoy it, then I get back on track.”

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The 4 Celeb-Approved Diets That Are Sweeping Hollywood Now
Fab Four

When it comes to what they put on their plates, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Busy Philipps and Emmy Rossum heed the advice of L.A.-based nutritionist Kelly LeVeque and incorporate protein, fat, fiber and greens, i.e., the fab four, in every meal to balance blood sugar and curb hunger. “I’m never about keeping calories low,” the Body Love author explains to Us of her method. “We’re prioritizing putting things on our plate that don’t release insulin, turn off hunger hormones, make us feel full or stretch our stomachs. That’s what my philosophy is all about.”

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The 4 Celeb-Approved Diets That Are Sweeping Hollywood Now
Keto Diet

Everyone from Halle Berry to Vanessa Hudgens to the Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino to Jenna Jameson and Alicia Vikander have talked about finding success on the keto diet, a.k.a., the ketogenic diet. The diet is low in carbs and high in good fats such as nuts, fish and avocado. When the dieter eats in such a manner, the body reaches a ketogenic state, NYC-based dietitian Keri Glassman explains to Us, meaning “it turns to stored fat for energy.”

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The 4 Celeb-Approved Diets That Are Sweeping Hollywood Now
Intermittent Fasting

It’s popular because it works! Brooke Burke, Molly Sims, Moby, Kate Walsh and more have all told Us they’ve adopted this diet hack. Chris Pratt, Jimmy Kimmel, Hugh Jackman and Justin Theroux have also found weight loss success through intermittent fasting. In the most popular version, 16:8, dieters consume all their calories for the day in an 8-hour span, then fast the other 16 hours. In the 5:2 method, people eat a very restricted number of calories five days a week, then eat normally the other two. As dietitian Keri Glassman tells Us, “It works.” But, she cautions, it’s not for everyone: When you are consuming your calories, “remember, you need to eat a healthy, balanced, real-food diet.”

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