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Becca Tilley Opens Up About Dating: 'It Does Get Exhausting'

August 14, 2018

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Still looking. Becca Tilley has revealed that she’s not opposed to falling in love, she just hasn’t found the right person — yet!

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The Bachelor season 19 runner-up, 30, spoke with Us Weekly about her digital dating life while attending the Simply LA event on Saturday, August 11.

“I’m dating. I have a lot of time for it, it’s more if I wanna spend my time doing that, you know? Do I want to spend my time sifting through the dating apps, going through that stuff? It does get exhausting, you kind of get defeated if you don’t connect with someone,” she told Us Weekly in Glendale, California. “Like, how long do I swipe before I just give up?”

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(L-R) Associate VP of Talent, Clique Brands, Rachel Zeilic, Influencer Becca Tilley and Founder of Be Social, Ali Grant speak onstage during the SIMPLY LA Fashion & Beauty Conference Powered By WhoWhatWear at The Americana at Brand on August 11, 2018 in Glendale, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Simply LA) Getty Images

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“It’s easier, honestly, when you meet someone face to face and get to connect with them based on their personality more so and not just how they look in a photo. It’s obviously a lot easier to do it that way, however, I have friends who have had success with the apps. I go back and forth where I’ll delete them and then I’ll be bored one night and I’ll re-download them. Everyone goes through that battle,” she further explained. “But I’m kind of in that point where it’s like, OK, you meet the right person, it’s gonna happen when it happens. I do not believe in forcing, especially when it comes to dating.”

And when the right person does come along, the two-time Bachelor contestant already knows what qualities she wants that special someone to have: a good sense of humor who she can have fun with because, as she explains, she likes “to laugh a lot.”

Tilley has also learned not to judge others according to a personal checklist and embrace whoever comes her way. “My last relationship, he was everything I had written down on paper. But something was missing that I wasn’t able to write on paper. It made me realize when I meet someone, it’s not gonna have to do with my checklist that I’ve had my whole life,” she told Us on Saturday. “Someone totally opposite than what I ever thought.”

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Tilley — who is saving herself for marriage — confirmed she was dating Bachelor Nation’s Robert Graham in December 2016. However, the pair later split in May 2017, with Tilley telling Us in September of that year, “The reason that Robert and I aren’t together is because I felt like I was really busy with work and traveling a lot … It was more of me just wanting to take this time for myself and focus on me and what I’m doing.”

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